Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Cats and Dolls

I love this old paper plate graphics..

I have a few of the vintage John Martin child magazines and the covers really are eye catching

A vintage child's costume seen on eBay.

A unusual Christmas kitty postcard and a cute vintage photo

Black cats were definitely a popular icon at the turn of the century as have dozens of advertising's of black cats on so many products, its quite amazing

I didn't take out all my Halloween this year as my husband decided we have to replace all the windows in the house and install a sliding glass door in the kitchen, because in the spring we will be putting in a new deck and sunny room.. so I will be taking stuff down when they come to do all the installations and that will be a job in itself!

Anyways, have my tree and vintage paper plates up and a few things here and there..just started on a couple of custom orders yesterday, so will be focused on them the next few days, then it will be time to start doing Christmas stuff and maybe a few turkeys and pies for Thanksgiving...

I wasn't going to take out my Kewpie but then... well she's so darn cute I did it anyways..

I won this fabulous piece of crepe paper on eBay last week .. it is so cool the colors are bright and rich.. and now what to do with it?!

For awhile now I have been buying leather doll shoes on eBay for all my antique dolls and this lady does a wonderful job..

Here is a close up of the big dolls face a AM 1894 my favorite doll head..second favorite is Kestner 154 a cute dolly face.
Love the big eyes big brows and fat cheeks.

Here is another new old doll, a baby.. I don't have very many babies mainly girls.. I buy fixer uppers as like to clean them and do all the fussy stuff.. its just something I like to do and affordable to do.

Both of these babies needed their bodies repaired and new mohair wigs and to reset their glass eyes.. and here is a little head waiting for a body I reset her eyes and made her new teeth, original wig.

This witch mask is too toxic to wear so hung it on a plate.. thats it till next time have a great fal


vivian said...

always the best halloweenies here! hope all is well with you. sounds exciting about getting a new deck, windows and door! Ive been wanting to put a deck in for years. have a great week and a Happy Halloween!

Marsha said...

Hey. I enjoyed your post. I mentioned you /with a link in one of my posts the other day. Hope you have a great Halloween.

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