Monday, February 7, 2011

Sewing Projects...

My husband is such a sweetie pie..he bought these cupcakes in cups as a treat..since we have been watching the series "Cake Boss" on Netflix streaming.. [was craving some cake with buttercream frosting!]

I'm putting on my heart face.. My New Year's Resolutions was: 1. Set Fri., Sat. and Sunday aside as my 'Sew Days'. 2. Fix and Dress all my Dolls. 3. hmm.. exercise more.. ha! Say that one every year.. and every year I do less!
Took all this old fabric off and underneath was the original leather body, nice and clean.. but you can see her shoulder plate is broke off the back and she needs arms.Two more dolls came in the mail. This big girl and the poor little one that was all in pieces..[in picture above]. They just needs a good cleaning some minor repairs, mohair wigs and correct clothing...

Bought online, a new side table from Target..was a snap to assemble and fits perfect in the tiny space..but the poor UPS guy had to lug it up on the deck and it was a heavy box!
Also bought some nice milk crate baskets too..
My 'Mushroom Bunny' made by Bethany Lowe Co. makes a nice Valentine decoration.
Lori-Ann Corelis Black Bunny in a red wagon with hearts..

Chalkware lamp and bunny with a celluloid Valentine Doll and some paper Valentines on my new side table.

Paper Valentines, scanned on my printer.. hang from my glass display.

Valentines from the 20's-30's and 40's.
' Roly Polys' made with peachy pinky rayon fur, Laura Ashley fabric samples and wool scraps. The faces are 'vintage mint condition' pressed fabric,
and have 2 Kewpie composition heads and a monkey. Stuffed with 'Balsam and Lavender' for weight and polyester fluff.
These 'Roly Polys' should be ready next week and will be Sale on Etsy..

This is for my husband ,as he loves to go fishing ...
Two cute teddies

Valentine sweets.

Swinging Sweethearts.

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Janet Ghio said...

What a feast for the eyes to look at your blog! I love the red background for Valentines month!!

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