Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home From Ghoultide!

A cute shopper and her awesome Bat Bag.

A Debbie Hawkins felted ornament
and Witch's broom pencils from Pam Garcia along with booklets from the Show http://www.ghoultidegathering.com/
One of my favorite booths is 'Jerry and Darla Arnold' and their fabulous tiny batting figures! Wish I could buy them all!
The wonderful dolls of Nicol http://www.nicolsayre.com/ ... love the tiny dolls... hmm... Think I'm drawn to the smalls this year...

Paul Gordon always has such whimsical figures!

Shelia Bentley http://www.primdolly.blogspot.com/ has the most fantastic creations!
Wish I had been able to look at all of them more carefully!
Finally able to see the original works of Johanna Parker http://www.johannaparkerdesign.com/ and was not disappointed! They were perfectly showcased in this huge painted hutch!

William Bezek http://www.williambezek.blogspot.com/ is the 'King of Romantic Goth' [in my opinion!] Details in a vintage patina work so well ... Beautifully creepy...
Going to save up some cash for next year to buy something big!

Stephanie & Vaughn Rawson http://www.whimsicalwhittler.com/ had a table full of fun Halloween wood carved whimsies!

A new artist Maria Barton http://www.starrugcompany.com/ that had some wonderful hooked wool designs... the colors and textures were yummy... I just need a suitcase full of money! Wish that I could buy from everyone!!

Always a thrill to see Loris Ann Corelis critters http://www.lorianncorelis.com/ ... The squirrels were to die for!

A favorite artist and longtime pal Irene Gates [Sparrow Reed] and me in front of her truly fabulous art!
Now to Scott Smith http://www.rucusstudio.com/ and his amazing work... I'll take one of everything, please! So grateful that Scott and Stephanie Rawson had given 'us artist' this truly wonderful exclusive 'Halloween venue' to showcase our work, here in the midwest. Thank you!
A favorite, Popcorn monsters ... with those corn kernel teeth and the graphics on the box... just love 'em!

Here is a peek at the art of Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio http://www.lauriehardenaccents.blogspot.com/ ... just love her color palette and painting style.

Pam Garcia http://www.softinthehead.com/ is a hoot! Her work has such fun details and joy in their faces... you just have a goodtime when looking at her table of characters!
The delightful Connie Porcher editor of 'Celebrate 365' magazine http://www.celebrate365.com/ and me.
Her magazine is a dazzling read and thrilled to be includes in its pages!
Her display at the show was fabulous also... I took alot of pictures at the Show in a mad rush as time allowed... but many were in a blur and could not use...sorry... but check the other artist blogs for a tour of the Show... and actually forgot to take a picture of my own booth!
Allen Cunningham http://allenwcunningham.blogspot.com/was in the room over from me and his meticulous work truly is a walk back in time... All his faces are so tranquil and pretty... Yes, want them all!
Doesn't Allen look cute in his costume?!
Another artist with a more modern twist to her work is Kristen Beason http://www.kristenbeasondesigns.blogspot.com/ and everything is perfection even down to the packaging...Love, love, love her ornaments!! They could hang on the wall year round and one look and they seem to be telling a story!

Carolee Clark http://www.kingofmicestudios.blogspot.com/ has Halloween flair with the brush! Her themes and rich colors make it so hard to pick from!
Debbie Hawkins http://www.he-be-je-bes.blogspot.com/ does the most awesome felted Halloween figures and of coarse love them all!

A very textural artist 'Vergie Lightfoot' has a whimsical and dark sense that is so appealing
..Her cats and pumpkins are what
fantasy is come to life...

It was a honor to be next to Pat Murphy http://www.murphybears.com/ as have admired her work for a longtime and really love her new felted tiny critters... but..There is something about those mohair bears to hug and hold ... brings out the maternal thingy in me... and I have a goal to get me one of those bears!

The only picture I took of my booth and it was to get a shot of the fabulous Witch hat on one of the Shoppers! You can see my daughter in the corner working hard handling all the sales... and 2 mysterious hands... [reminds me of the old Soupy Sales Show...]
Another shot of the 2 lovely hatted shoppers ... the green hat had a huge spider!

Now to show off the little bit of shopping I did at the show... wish I could of done more!! A Wonderful Pumpkin head ornament by Debbie Hawkins..
A fabulous Green Cat Lantern made by Vergie Lightfoot and a Old Treeman Lantern by Scott Smith
How awesome is this and notice the wee insect detail and graveled dirt... love the nose and came in a neat orange bag..

Bought the first ornament that caught my eye! A wonderfully wrinkled Witch head from Shelia Bentley!
Had to do another picture... Her sculpting is amazing such personality each character has!

' Tiny Stars' by Allen Cunningham and a tiny 'Pouty Pumpkin' by William Bezek.

How perfect are these?! Not only are the ornaments fabulous but her package is a Treat!

These fragile delights made by Jerry & Darla Arnold are a thrill to behold and feel so lucky to have! Was also honored and amazed that they remembered that I had asked about a Rabbit last year and made up this wonderful spotted Halloween Hare !

Had to have this tiny Witch and her Veggie companion in flight! The clip on Candle with real wax drippings in a vintage clip ,a Blue faced Woodland Fairy and the spotted hare..hmmm.. Think I need that other fairy holding a caterpiller!

My purchases are proped up against vintage Transferware bought at a estate sale the day before the Show and the pretty Sunflower Swag and cast metal ornament hanger are from Hobby Lobby. Went to see the 3-D Owl movie with my daughter and the kids and found this pretty glass Owl ornament, flocked Deer and beaded Acorn at Hobby Lobby.
I get to shop at Hobby Lobby http://www.hobbylobby.com/ maybe twice a year so...

I actually gasped when I saw this Fancy Goldfish ornament! I'm crazy for fancy goldfish and have never found a realistic one til now and being orange will go on the Halloween tree!

Got 2 Black wire baskets and the mercury glass Squirrel and plastic glittered leaves... so pretty.

Found these interesting textured balls in the Christmas aisle but look great for the Halloween tree ..all cobwebby and knobby.. Did some shopping at Target http://www.target.com/ and got some plates and cups in the John Derian Collection... love the huge tray is quite heavy duty ..
Glad to be home and will start my Halloween decorating this week will post a tour on Sunday ... you can come then!
A peek at a mini Halloween party for the grandkids when we go down to the Show... Bought all our Halloween Snacks ,Ghost chips, Skeleton Cheese Bones, cider etc. from World Market http://www.worldmarket.com/ crafts and decor from Joanne's and Target. We have a little luncheon when they come home from school and a they get a plateful of crafts to do... and hopefully good memories for them and is just a treat to do!

Decorated Daughter's mantle thanks to Target!
Halloween themed toys for the kids!

When we got home had a load of packages stuffed in the mail box! Here are a few of the goodies..
This cute felted little Ghost and his jol made by Kerry Howard-Schmidt http://www.etsy.com/shop/papermoongallery
This neat magazine cover will go into this frame... a Vintage paper pulp embossed German Witch... winnings from ebay. These lovely collaged faux books with holders made by Lisa
[ disappointed she did not sign them] also from ebay.
That's all for now.. still not unpacked yet....Will post stuff for Sale on Etsy 'Oct. 9th and 10th' Saturday/ Sunday A few Great Halloween magazines to read..


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am drooling over all these pictures! What a wonderful show! I didn't know about this show but I sure will come to the next one!

I am really enjoying my Black Squirrel I purchased from you back in July.

Have a wonderful week!


indgiotwin said...

Oh I'm soooooo jealous! Would love to get there someday!

rgcarr said...

The pictures are wonderful. I feel like I was there. The felted pumpkin you bought looks so real! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics. I hope someone got pics of your booth!

Meri Wiley said...

OMG..............Debra, you've shared a little bit of Halloween heaven. Wow, I've never heard of 3/4 of these artists,thank you so very much for the show, and all the inspiration. I wish you had gotten piccy's of your booth though, I'm sure it was amazing. I'm just blown away by this post. I hope you had excellent results, and that you at least made enough to cover what you bought.

Thanks again,

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

So great to finally meet you and LOVED your table of treasures!!! I so wanted to get back over and get another piece from you, but all of a sudden the show was over and I had to pack up! Love your work Debra!

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