Saturday, October 9, 2010

Etsy Store: Oct.9/10 Saturday & Sunday

Boooo! Here's a peek at some of the pieces done in "PAPER CLAY" that I just listed in my Etsy Store today.. Will do some "PAPIER MACHE" also... I will add the rest Sunday morning before noon eastern central time. 'Oct. 23th will be the last day I will post Halloween items for Sale' this year...Then it's time to think Thanksgiving and Christmas...time sure flies by.. Have really enjoyed working in the paper clay..will try a few different brands and see which works best. I only made 2 Acorn Leaf girls and Vergie Lightfoot got one of them ! So honored that she liked my work! They were fun to make, already thinking of more autumn type dolls.. The tree was one of my favorites want to play more with that theme..

I like these 2 pieces especially the ghost with his mask..

Just look what came in the mail! A Fantastic Witch wall board by Mike and Nancy Patek of I have several pieces made by them and they do amazing stuff with vintage images! Lots of character and texture..Scott Smith's fabulous Halloween glass ornament arrived safely... Forgot at the Show ..what a nice guy to remember..
Hello, been feeling crappy all the way home from Show and finally came down with a cold.. But gulping down juice, tea and water and will wait it out.. anyways.. will try to get my Halloween decorating done on Sunday.. chat then..time for a nap..


l.a.r.k. said...

Cute as can be! :)

Len said...

I love your tree and the acorn girl. Your tree is the best one that I have seen, he has such character and detailing.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Debra,

Love your sculpts, especially the leaf/acorn and the tree. Hey, what is the reason you use both paperclay and paper mache'? Is it just a texture thing? Is paper mache' heavier? Also, your link to doesn't work, do they have another link?


Mary said...

Awesome piece, anyway I found this website that can create a super-realistic mask of anyone from just a photo. Imagine going as yourself, your boss, your favorite celebrity or worst enemy to a Halloween party?!

rochambeau said...

Fabulous Debra!! Esp. The Acorn leaf girls, lucky Vergie Lightfoot!!!!! Like you, I've been being sucked in and enamored by paper clay!!

Happy Autumn!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Always a feast for the eyes!!

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