Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Swap Partners List

Here is another pretty doll head for those paper doll 'makers'...isn't the bird in the bust cute?!

All you 'gobbling girls' in the swap Thank you!

A favorite card...love those embossed cards..yep, have alot of them..all the deer calendars are on the walls in the computer corner..

Thank you for waiting so patiently for the Swap List ,my computer has been screwy these past few days ,bouncing me off the internet..but finally here able to post!

Here are the names and blogs [updated and corrected]: 1. Kelly S. http://www.lifeandartwithglammafabulous.blogspot.com/ and Jillian H. http://www.sweetmomentsbyjillian.blogspot.com/ 2.Trish G. http://www.mydistressingjourney.blogspot.com/ and Sharon W. http://www.myvintagestudio.blogspot.com/ 3.Cindy http://www.cindyiscrafty.wordpress.com/ and Molly http://www.materialgalmolly.blogspot.com/ 4.Jamie http://www.rem-nants.blogspot.com/ and Debb http://www.debksg.blogspot.com/ 5. Pinky Denise http://www.pinkpomegranate.typepad.com/ and Valorie http://www.queenschocolate.blogspot.com/ 6. Mary http://www.daisybouquet.blogspot.com/ and Kathy http://www.countrychintz.blogspot.com/ 7. Sandra C. http://www.babycakesdesignsspeaks.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Conway from Canada http://www.jenniferconway.blogspot.com/ and Stefanie from Germany http://www.sammelleidenschaft.blogspot.com/ and plus a repeat Amy B are my partners 8. Vivan http://www.viv-whimsy.blogspot.com/ and Norma http://www.thefairyyellowbugqueen.blogspot.com/ are the last partners.. so if anyone is missing in our 'little'' swap please email me..

Yes, you can have a 'Pink Thanksgiving', I have seen several Thanksgiving cards in pink and very pretty too! Will post more of them..

King Corn..have you seen the documentary !? I went and watched it on Netflix http://www.netflix.com/....hmmm... lots to think about..we really are 'Made of Corn'..


vivian said...

YOu missed me! I think I signed up on halloween when you said you were having the swap.. I should have come back after you announced it and officially signed up. Oh well. thats ok. I'll catch the next one.

Valerie said...

Just sent you an email (had the wrong letter in the name in the original one).

What wonderful photos you have posted for us!

Thanks so much for hosting this and let me know if email does not get through.


LiLi M. said...

Talking about post cards, you always have the best! Thanksgiving is unknown over here, we take everything for granted ;-) Thanks of another paper doll part, I'm looking forward to do that again! xo

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Thanks for the images! Love the Thanksgiving card w/ the pink...I'm doing a pink & brown table this year & will use it somehow.

Jamie said...

My email address is:

Thanks. I will contact Debb to see if she wants to swap! Jamie V


cindy said...

love that pink Thanksgiving card! how cool is that?


Valerie said...

Resent email with my address and I posted on my blog just then my email address.

I am almost done with my paper doll - a lot of fun to make - but now I have got to get an email through.


Sandra said...

I got your swap...and posted it on my blog...Thank you...It's was wonderful

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