Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Under the Weather..

Been under the weather lately, so have not been working or doing much of anything else.. but finally went to the Chiropractor today.. so hope to be working again soon!

Two bisque babies under glass...dressed them up in pretty crepe paper..

Here's a peek at a couple of 'Doll projects' left on hold till I start feeling better.. a very grubby chalk Kewpie... I left the face dirty to show you how easy a bit of scrubbing can do... this Kewpie is a flesh colored chalk and had read somewhere that sometimes kids would break these carnival dolls up and use the chalk to draw with and it does work ... I used the arm on a chalkboard.

This is a sweet German papier mache doll head and had a rat ball of a wig, or I thought it was a wig?! I washed and soaked the wig which actually turned the water black with tiny bugs floating about and other nasties..but after several rinses lots of gentle combing and turned out to be a pretty blond human hair wig!
With pretty blue glass eyes and long hair combed and cut her some new bangs,her head all painted and antiqued she is ready for a body and to be dressed. Finished she will stand about 30''tall, almost the size of a real child and I do have some antique clothing to fit her.She also has nicely detailed plaster arms and legs. Her straw body is long gone..
Those emtpy wine bottles sure come in handy!

Cleaned and patched with paper clay,just had to sand smooth ,prime and paint!
Also worked on the cute Flapper chalkware dolly..


So Dark So Cute said...

Hi Debra! Nice to see you again:-) I love your dolls! I grew up with parents that collect all kinds of antique stuff,but never liked it much. Since i make dolls,that will be 2 years now, i suddenly like antique goodies and go to fleamarkets. I use it for my shadowboxes/assemblages.
Hope you feeling better soon ;-)
xoxo Donna

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!
~ Deb
Possible Impossibilities Studio

vivian said...

Hi Debra! sorry to hear youve not been well again. No fun to be down. hopefully you'll soon be back to your old self. The weather has to be improving there and soon you can get out and get some fresh air! we all need that. It was warm enough here this past weekend to open the windows a bit... I cant wait to leave them open so I can fall to sleep listening to the crickets and peepers and wake up hearing the birds!! OHHHH i just cant wait! Love all your dolls, you are so good at fixing them up. and I really really love the two dolls dressed for easter under the cloche!
feel better soon! and if your not here again before easter,, then Happy Easter too!

Gaby Bee said...

These German papier mache doll heads are awesome and your doll "bunnys" are adorable! Love your creativity!

Happy Spring!

Marsha said...

I hope you are feeling better!!

I really enjoyed looking at the dolls and the different stages of restoration that you have shown in the blog.

Hope you have a great day!

Carrie said...

even though you are under the weather, you posted a lot :) Feel better, there's ton of spring germs going around!

rochambeau said...

Hope you're back in the saddle!!!
Happy Spring~
Your work looks divine!


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

These are really neat. I often get torn between being a purist and leaving the old piece as is, or giving it new life by fixing it up like you do here. More often now, I've been deciding to rebirth it. Combining the old with the new is so exciting!

Hope you're feeling better soon.


keijukammari said...

Hello Debra!
I'm just blown away by your blog it is so adorable. All the vintage cards and papermache rabbits and old dolls. So inspiring:)

I do hope you feel better soon
Greetings from far away Finland

Take care

Marsha said...

Hey Debra,
I hope you are feeling okay. I've missed your updates on your blog. Marsha

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