Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back Home!

Boo Hoo! no more Starbucks coffee ..we are hours away from the nearest Starbucks..

I'm finally back home and the daffodils and primulas are in bloom..the weather has been lovely...
Really missed my man, my cats and my bed.......hmm, what a old lady I have become ..

Had a special day with 'just' my daughter and me.. so we went to 'Zingerman's' in Ann Arbor for a wonderful lunch of a Reuben, mac n' cheese and asparagus vinaigrette, cake and some great coffee.. truly excellent.. but the store was so crowded I could not move, much less look around [don't go on a Sat. if you want to shop there and we did wait in line just to get in the store to order at the deli..] I did get their catalog..and a bag of serious chocolate Brownies! I resisted the bread but now will have to order some! After that rich lunch,we did some shopping at the Kerry town shops got Art papers from Hollander's and Spices from my daughter bought 2 adorable outfits for her daughter at a cute shop called Elephant Ears plus other shopping on the way back to Lansing! A very good day..

Butterflies in the greenhouse at Frederick Meijer's Gardens in Grand Rapids..We went on a rainy day but had fun with the kids and a nice lunch there at the cafe...unfortunately we didn't get to walk around much because of the rain..and everyone had sniffles ...

Inspired by the Frederick Meijer's Gardens I put one of my rabbits under glass.. and bought a pretty paper lantern at World Market a favorite store I like to shop at when down at my daughters house..

Bought a big amber swirled glass ball at the very nice gift shop at the Frederick Meijer's Gardens to add to my collection of glass balls that hang over my kitchen sink...

Cactus flowers in the bloom and some barrel cactus that were pretty..
Use to have alot of catus and succulents always loved the blooms on I have faux cacti.. really nice too...

Detail of the Chihuly art glass in the main greenhouse lobby..
It was very pretty but a tad big to hang over my sink!!
Also went to the Detroit Zoo ..that was nice took lots of pictures of the grandkids..and a quick trip to the Somerset Mall in Troy.Wandered around in Anthropolgie[ the one store I had to go to!] but was so pooped out and brain fried from the Zoo trek didn't buy a thing! Yikes!
Well, had a table full of mail when I got home, catalogs, magazines and a few packages of this stamp from wrapped so nice, will use to do a Marie Antoinette paper doll for a swap.. that I'm late with..
A peek at the work in progress for my collage..sewing paper to the canvas then add all the fun stuff after...a complete change in plan ,was originally going to do a paperdoll on the canvas ..too many ideas and out of time!
Well ,this is it so far... tomorrow with add all the decorations and sparkles...but then had to do a second one as had so much papers plus will do a paper doll for my partner Wendy.
A nice surprise on Saturday ,got my Marie Antoinette Swap in the mail from Wendy in Georgia,a lacy confection with treats besides!! Thank you Wendy ,it's so pretty..

Finally a short 'Thank you to Calamity Kim' ..I received a fabulous package from her, was my Bunny Apron!! [see pictures on her blog,will model when I have someone to take my picture here] well had extra treats.. yummy tea, a lovely hand made card and these awesome paper dolls, posing in my new huge bamboo bowl..[from World Market]..Thank Kim, a big belated hug!! Now to start hanging up these new goodies...


Bone*Head*Studios said...

Debra!!Sounds like you had a fabulous time, thanks for the links!!! YES YES YES, I still need the Pierrot/clown picture, please send it to me? I'm hoping to enlarge it for a project, Thanks so much !!! I used to see her everywhere and now that I need to find her, I couldn't find hide nor hair of her???!!!

Halloween Fanatic said...

Are you sending out postcards this year for the show? If so keep me on the list, I want one. Please. Robert

calamity kim said...

It looks like you had a lovely visit! I hope you liked the apron. I love Catherine's stamps! I dream of having them all someday! I'm glad you are back- it was quiet around here without you! Happy Mother's Day, too!

kathy said...

WOW so much fun and eye candy on your blog -- A fun time with your daughter -- one of life's blessings -- Thye pics you took are awesome --Always a big fan of your creations - kathy - ga

Zan Asha said...

Hey Debra! I love your blog! I came over from my blog once I saw your comment to let you know you are signed up for the Under the Sea Swap! Thank you!

Sue said...

Whoa....what a jam packed trip! Loved reading about all your excursions. I find it so interesting when people blog about where they have gone and what they have visited. It's fun to follow along and experience abit of places I've never seen.

Love your glass witches' balls over your sink - I have the same thing hanging over mine!

Thanks for sharing!

Zan Asha said...

Hehee--sorry to keep posting like this on your blog, but I can't seem to find an email address for you. Could you please email me at with your address? I will need to send you your swap partner via email on Sunday. You can also let me know what style of doll/art you would like to receive (funny, gothy, whimsical, etc) when you send the mail.

By the way, you don't have to post this on your blog!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Hi Deb,
Such gorgeous photos!!
I'm trying to reach you via email as I am your partner for the Under the Sea Swap. I'm Cindy of Thimbleprims Studio. One of the emails I sent to you came back. It said you are over quota or something. Anyway, could you contact me? It's
Thank you!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Welcome Back! We missed you!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Well, how about that?? My parents grew up in Redford, Michigan; my uncle lives in Livonia and we just visited the Chihuly Museum of Glass. I have pix on my blog of the covered walkway over the freeway filled with his glass on the way to the museum. It is FANTASTIC....

Warm blessings,

fairychildheirlooms said...

wow, Debra! once again I am in awe of your creativeness.
:) Missy

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