Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Decor '08..

Rufus is such a fatty..antique quilt on the table and he's happy..note the stack of boxes and envelopes [swaps mailed out to Alaura, Tiffany, Amy, Sandra, Annie.. did I miss anyone???]

I am just in a Holiday blah... and hardly decorated but once in awhile it hits me and I have to put something out.. today was the quilt...

A few of my Santa's..

Tree in guest room with pastels and swaps from the past and a couple of recent treats..

A bunny I made from a antique wool petticoat and a old glass ornament and trade card.

The Snowman in green was a swap gift from Annie in Okla. Vivian's 'Snowman Ornament Swap'..

More old and new Santa's...

German glass ornaments..my favorites...

A old Santa from a Store display...he moves about and waves from his chimney perch..lots of neat old toys in his sack.

Some Old and lots of New Glass Ornaments..

Again this year I did only the table trees..maybe next year I will do the big tree! but no one here this year and my dear husband works 12hrs. on Christmas... so just me and the kitty's and lots of cookies and a big pile of magazines to catch up on..

If this looks familiar it's the fall tree but just changed out the topper and added more ornaments and garland..I am sooo lazy...just not up to the task..

Baked all yesterday, lemon sugar cookies, shortbread, gingersnaps, cranberry bread and the family tradition prune tarts and a butternut squash pie.. Christmas eve will do a mincemeat pie and lumberjack cookies [my husbands favorite] and have a fruitcake too..we will just carb out til New Year's Eve!
German paper pulp Snowman die cuts..

Wish these angels would come here and help ...but guess its just fine for this year..big or little a Christmas tree is always pretty.


LiLi M. said...

Hey Debra, if these angels are going to help you please send them over to me when they are done.
The German Christmas ornaments are the best! I was in a special Christmas shop summer 2007 in Germany. Should have been something for you too!

My Vintage Studio said...

Your photos look lovely!
Thank you for sharing your holiday cheer.

vivian said...

hI Debra! well, if thats just a little bit of decorating.. I cant imagine what a lot is! everything of yours always looks so wonderful and fun. Id love to come over.. it must be like being in a museum!(gosh.. I cant spell that this morning!)
cant wait to see what you made for annie! will probably post all the pics as soon as she gets hers!

Cassie said...

I am loving that long-skinny-necked snowman, and her pal with the biggie hat! Lovely photos!

The Charm House said...

Your home is so wonderful!! I love it.....I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Jenny S said...

Your house is just so fun!! It must be a great place to play!!!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Debra!

Lovely holiday decorations.

Wishing you & yours a most magical holidays!!!

SpOOky CK (-:

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Debra; I love all the photos of your Christmas Decorations. You have some very beautiful ones, I love the bunny one, how sweet it is.

Have a Merry Christmas



I LOVE your Christmas decorations and everything looks so beautiful.
I hope your will have a nice Christmas with your husband and kitty.

Elizabeth said...

You have an amazing eye for decorating! I just love your blog and how you show us your beautiful home. Thanks for the dose of Christmas Cheer! I really needed the pick me up I too have been suffering the Holiday blahs.

Johanna Parker said...

I could spend hours pouring over all the little details in all of your holiday displays... What a delight! :)

Happy Holidays to you!
~ Johanna

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Well, don't you just have the best site? I could sit here all night looking at your wonderful pictures!


Sandra said...

Yes I hate to say it...but you missed you swap partner Anitra...Oh dear.
Nothing was to be mailed to me...my atc was a gift for you.
Email if you need anything. But Anitra is still waiting.

Tiffany said...

We are home again. Looking forward to a little holiday cheer. Can't wait to recieve your package. Did you like yours? Merriest of Merry Holidays!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

You've got a beautiful ornament collection! Love all the pictures! And those lumberjack cookies are to die for....yummy!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Debra; I wanted to let you know I received your Christmas swap box today in the mail. I was so excited about seeing in on my front door. I just what you made me just love it all, I will do a post on them tomorrow before I break for Christmas, please stop by, I hope your have received the one I sent to you, I have not heard from you about it, if you have not please let me know. I will feel really bad if for some reason it did not make it.

Merry Christmas.

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas, your blog is wonderful as always. You really contribute to the holiday spirit. Thank you for sharing your wonderful holiday pictures. Deb

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