Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snow Day and Last of the Pirate Craze

I was slow getting outside today to do pictures, and the snow had already started turning slushy...

A giant barrel planted in perrenials..

Daffodils and my Anna Belle Hydranga and old Mr. Rabbit has been buried all winter in snow..

More bulbs popping up in spite of the weather.. it did really look kinda pretty out, but was not fun to 'be' outside..

Thursday and Friday we were raking and doing spring cleaning.. but got a surprise on Saturday morning!

Well the robins were taking baths here all we need are some ducks! Guess we don't need to take out the lawn mower ye..!

Droopy daffodils from the heavy wet snow..

Making tracks back into a nice warm house and play on the computer..We even had a toasty fire going..

Last Oct. Jean Paul Gaultier had his 'Spring 2008 Fashion Show' in Paris and Jack Sparrow is alive and well in our hearts and apparently our closets too !! So if you got the 'big bucks' you too can look like this!

See the whole collection at>

Like that belt and all the hats were very cool.. lots of netty skirts, camo prints and corsets..actually pretty cool stuff ...must be fun to dress up in all that stuff..


Kai said...

Ooooooh! It's a good thing yours is one of my favorite blogs or I'd be jealous, jealous, jealous! SNOW? We are SWELTERING here lately in HORRID humidity and 88 degree temps. I HATE hot weather! UGH! However ... because you are such a talented sweety, I won't (I'll TRY not to) be envious. Sigh ... As for the pirate clothing - COOL! Maybe I should dress that way. Then when anyone questioned my weight, I could just say, "What weight? That's my BOOTY!" Get it? Booty? As in pirate's stash ... sorry. I'm leaving now. 'Nuff of me.

Sylvia Anderson said...

The fashion is a little over the top for my personal wardrobe, but was sure interesting to look at! More pirate fun!

Karen from A`Musements said...

Ahoy Debra! Permission to come aboard? Okay, I'm officially out of pirate mode now. Thank you for commenting on my blog! Glad you came to 'visit'... Love the Gaultier must have caught me when I was grocery shopping ;-) Ha! Just the simple stuff for everyday, you know...
Yo ho Yo ho a Pirate's life for me!
Karen Otto
Sailing The Lady of The Sea!

Bethany said...

Oh YES!!! I love all of the Gaultier clothes!!
Gorgeous :) And yes one would have to be rich to be able to be outfitted in that garb...too much money just to pillage and cause trouble!!

vivian said...

Snow??? oh poor you.. I'm sorry. ITs spring.. mother nature must be confused where you live! Its been cool and rainy here. I'm hoping it warms up this week .. my goodness, mothers day is next weekend.. flower time!!!
loved your snowy pictures though!
have a springy week!!

rebecca woodward said...

Wow, so many wonderful Soiree posts! Love the fashions and videos. You look lovely in your pirate cap! Thanks for sharing all of this eye candy.

Rebecca ~ Just Giddy
my soiree post...

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