Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year! I am Back at the Computer..

To All :May 2008 be: a Healthy, Happy, New Year..

I took down all the Christmas decorations day after Christmas ,[well took a few days] to pack and put away til next year!

Old bunnies in the bedroom and painting collage by Irene Gates of 'Sparrow Reed Folk Art' a Pumpkin Doll by Valerie Weberpal made on a corncob! Thats my Papier mache bunny in a vintage pink dress Bunny Brown Betty..with a fade bouquet of velvet violets..

My 'new old mirror', my husband made this for me on Christmas Day! While I made Christmas dinner, he made this !!! Complete with iron hooks and rustic patina lighting [ I painted the hooks and light hardware a rusty brown with gold highlights and antiqued in black] Love it! Goes with my barnboard cabinet, window trim and various barnboard picture frames.. Gotta love my red walls makes everything pop on the walls! Still need to do barnboard trim around the top of the walls..

Found a new CD on ebay of Delightful vintage photos from ID: Delicate Beauty [see my links for link up to her page..] Very happy with all the lovely pictures and comes in a pretty little case with a sweet here are a few samples from the CD..Luella has a few other CDs to pick from and well they are de-lish ! I think I'll be getting more myself!

Well I did manage to get a couple items made for Jan. 1st . Here is the' Boy Valentine'...Had to try out my Martha Stewart Glitter on them and was very happy with the result.

Scanned a pretty box I have of a early plstic angel I had bought awhile back at St. Vinnie's for a $1.00! What a deal!

One of my New Year's Resolutions : Repair my collection of old broken dolls [ I think I have about 23 plus.. old bisque and composition dolls to repair and dress!] . These are photos from 'Delicate Beauty' CD.. Neat huh?!

My most important 'NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION' now that I unburied my sewing machine! To Start Sewing again,as have a couplebig bins of projects to finish and want to start some new ones too! So will have alot of cloth and mohair dolls for Easter on my website, well thats the goal !!

New Year's Eve and Day We are just having a quiet day of snacking and watching NETFLIX movies..and letting the snow just pile up outside!

old postcards from my collection..

Its been a few days since I was here...and thank you for all the kind comments.. we had a simple Christmas ,my mother was here for Christmas Eve and Day,just eating and chatting and getting presents made for the grandkids and my daughter.. Well , next week I'll be downstate staying for a month or so with my daughter's family..playing with the grandbabies! Yippee!


Dolly said...

Debra, Glad to hear you had a nice christmas!
How lucky to have such a talented hubby... I love your new old mirror!
Love all the pictures too!

I am hosting a Vintage Heart Swap... I'd love for you to come and join the fun!

Happy New Year!
Hugz, Dolly

Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you as well!! I love your Valentines boy! I took down all of the decor as well-except for the tree. Love the new vintage images!


Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you as well!! I love your Valentines boy! I took down all of the decor as well-except for the tree. Love the new vintage images!


vivian said...

Hi DEbra, Happy New Year! Leaving for a whole month? we will miss you here! I always enjoy your blog. Its always so bright and cheerful. and love those bunnies!!!
I'm doing Dollys valentine swap too. I was going to do one on my blog, but then I thought id just join a couple others!
Have a happy!

Denise said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! Wishing you everything that is great! Love those vintage pics! Just too gorgeous!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Debra,
Love your room, mirror and decorations! Everything is so wonderful! So much creative energy and inspiring things to look at....probably be back a few more time to take it all in.....Love your
resolutions, sounds familiar, I find the so inspiring and tugging at my heart too. I do not know how you get so much done! Wow.....I wanted to ask you a question, I see you do so many things with your banners, and I would like to experiment with some for our blog.
Where do you suggest I begin? I haven't a clue? Any advice would be
appreciated. May all your creative
dreams and wishes come true for the
New Year Pinkie

Holiday Queen said...

Happy New Year Debra! Your little Valentine pieces on G+G are too cute!
Wishing you continued success in 2008!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

A house full of wonders! How glorious and fun! Hope that you and yours are safe and happy tonight...

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- your world is so divine- now i love your painting- by- irene gates- and what you mr made for you for christmas a new - old mirror- wow weee- singing and skipping la la la lovee jo.

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